FAQ for Potential Sponsors

What makes Claim Your Future unique?

A few key features set Claim Your Future (CYF) apart from other financial education tools:

  • The game can be played in as little as one 45-minute session, or as part of a full career, budgeting, or personal finance lesson series.
  • Organizations can co-brand the game with their logo.
  • The game can be customized to include regional salary data, specific college and post-secondary credential options, unique careers, and more.
  • Students can play the classroom game kit at school, and can take the lesson home to play online with family.
  • CYF is reasonably priced compared to other similar resources.

FAME’s mission is to help families afford higher education through financial literacy programming. As a quasi-independent state agency, revenue we generate goes back into financial education for Maine people.

Is Claim Your Future new?

No.  FAME created Claim Your Future (formerly known as Get a Life) in 2008 and redesigned the game kit and website in 2015. Since then, over 100,000 students from around the globe have played the game in the classroom and online.

Why would educators want to use a physical game kit in 2018?

According to the University of Washington Center for Teaching and Learning, “Engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills and promotes meaningful learning experiences.” At FAME, we believe that students learn best with “hands-on” activities in a group setting that encourages discussion with peers. In addition, high school students benefit tremendously by working with classmates to discuss future college and career plans. Want to learn more? See it in action!

Do students play the digital version too?

Yes! Thousands of students as far away as Australia have played Claim Your Future online. The best part is, organizations can brand a unique online CYF website and bring it to their constituent students, customers, users, etc. Each site has its own sub-domain website address to help attract your audience.

What do current users say about Claim Your Future?

“Claim Your Future promotes hands-on and minds-on learning and engages students through experiential learning. Best of all, it challenges them to practice critical thinking and decision-making skills, while offering a memorable experience that can be used at home.”

Kristie Littlefield, Executive Director, Western Maine Education Collaborative

Students and teachers love Claim Your Future! Hear what they have to say.

What do you mean that it can be white labeled or branded for buyer organizations?

Both the physical kits and the digital version can be branded with the logo of a buyer organization, such as a non-profit, college or university, financial institution or other agency. Organizations that have decided to brand their CYF purchase have done so to assist students in planning for life after high school and to extend their brand recognition with certain constituents.

Who buys Claim Your Future and why?

Claim Your Future has been purchased by state agencies, lending institutions, schools, credit unions, teachers, and YMCAs. These organizations purchase the game as part of their mission to provide financial literacy to their constituents. However, others seek to expand their brand and associate it with career and college planning, and/or financial literacy. Many other organizations have expressed interest, including Boys & Girls Clubs, scout troops, libraries, philanthropic foundations, 529 plans, organizations that provide services to colleges, etc.

How are the kits priced? Can we get a volume discount?

The kits are sold for a retail price of $299 each. Volume discounts, or discounts with online licensing purchase are available. Customization is available for orders of 50 kits or more.

How is the digital version licensed and for how much?

The CYF digital version can be licensed for your intended audience for as low as $2,000-4,000 per month. We are open to discussing the best approach to meet your needs.

Who should we contact to discuss obtaining CYF?

Contact FAME at 1-800-228-3734, or at education@FAMEmaine.com.