Order Kits

Each Claim Your Future game kit contains:

  • 50 unique career wheels
  • 100 student reward stickers
  • Access to online resources, including Budget Worksheet, Certificate of Completion, and Claim Your Future Educator’s Guide with:
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • Detailed lesson plan
    • Suggested homework activities 
    • Printable budget worksheet

Organizations interested in bulk orders should contact sales@ClaimYourFuture.org. Volume discounts and co-branding opportunities are available. 

Need financial assistance? Your local parent organization may be willing to purchase a kit on your behalf. Most are very supportive of raising college and career aspirations and may assist you in identifying a possible sponsor.

For Schools and Non-Profit Education Organizations in Illinois and Maine

If you represent a school or non-profit education organization in Illinois or Maine, you may request a free Claim Your Future® game kit through the sponsoring organization in your state: 


plus $9.95 shipping & handling and any applicable sales tax

* Tax-Exempt Orders

If you are ordering for a tax-exempt organization located outside of IL or ME, please be prepared to upload your organization’s state-certified sales tax exemption certificate during the ordering process. If you are not able to upload your exemption certificate when ordering, please call us at 800-228-3734, option 1; or email us at support@ClaimYourFuture.org.