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Claim Your Future – Financial Education and Career Exploration like you’ve never seen it.

Claim Your Future® (CYF) is a proven, engaging educational game that encourages students to explore career pathways, financial decision making, and the future return on investment of post-secondary education and training. Developed by the Finance Authority of Maine, CYF began as a classroom game kit, but has since expanded into a digital experience to meet the needs of a changing educational landscape.

Since its launch, CYF has been played in over 90 countries by hundreds of thousands of students representing every state in the U.S.

Between the disruptions of the pandemic and current financial uncertainty, advancing financial education has never been more important—especially for young people. And as a game built to be played in all educational settings, CYF is adaptable and ideal for remote learning, hybrid classrooms, and independent lessons. It’s exactly the tool that educators and students need, right now. Through the game, students learn life skills, and begin to understand the strong connection between the choices they make today and their opportunities in the future. They will also learn that higher education leads to more career options and higher-paying jobs.

CYF creates fun, memorable experiences for everyone who plays no matter what age. There are two editions that cover critical years for practical hands-on learning and life skills development: Middle School and Younger and High School and Beyond. Each edition is tailored specifically for its audience with educator guides that help teachers adapt and optimize their lesson plans. Participants can play multiple times with different careers and make different spending choices. Typically, students engage independently with the digital game for an average of 15 minutes, and teachers often facilitate the classroom game in 30-45 minutes.

Claim Your Future can be played alone or with a group, online or with the handheld game kit. It is appropriate for a wide range of audiences, from young students through high school and beyond. It can be utilized as a one-time classroom activity, an after school activity, or as part of a larger unit on careers, higher education, and money management. Designed by and for educators for ease of use, Claim Your Future can be facilitated by teachers, used by families, or played individually.

Created by the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), Maine’s higher education agency, Claim Your Future has been improving financial capabilities for Maine people for over a decade.

Developed by Maine JumpStart President and FAME Financial Education Officer, Mary Dyer, in conjunction with FAME’s College Access and Financial Education team, Claim Your Future has been consistently field tested and improved through actual classroom experience and educator feedback.

Playing Online

Claim Your Future can be played online at ClaimYourFuture.org. Students can choose a career or opt to have one randomly assigned. They then can learn about higher education, and navigate through different living expense choices to try to balance their budget. As students make budgeting decisions, Claim Your Future keeps track of how much money they’ve spent. The goal is for students to complete a monthly budget without “breaking their wallet.” At ClaimYourFuture.org, you’ll find:

  • 125 unique career options, including descriptions and key vocabulary
  • Budget worksheet
  • Additional financial education resources
  • Educator’s Guide with detailed lesson plan and homework activities
  • Introductory and how-to videos

Playing with the Game Kit

When played in the classroom or with wheels and worksheets that are sent home, students are assigned a unique Claim Your Future game wheel representing a specific career, education, and monthly income. Educators are encouraged to discuss various career and college options and lead students through a monthly budgeting activity. Students have a hands-on learning experience where they spin the wheel to make choices and calculate their budget manually.

Each Claim Your Future game kit includes 50 unique decision wheels representing various careers and life expense options and 100 student reward stickers. The wheels are on coated paper and are able to be wiped down with sanitizer. To order a Claim Your Future classroom game kit, please visit the Order Kits page.

Game wheels are on coated paper and can be wiped down to sanitize.

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